LEED Commissioning vancouver, commissioning management service vancouver, Pinerock CommissioningPinerock Commissioning Ltd. provides a comprehensive commissioning management service across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland that provides active participation throughout the design, construction and handover phases of a project. In the role of LEED Commissioning Authority (CxA), our service is to always act as agents of the owners and their best interest with respect to the commissioning scope of work.

As per the LEED reference guide, CxA is not to be part of the design or construction activities, thereby assuring that all design intents remain the responsibility of the engineers of record, and installations, schedules and installation warranties remain the responsibility of their respective contractors.

The CxA is a person identified by the owner who leads, plans, schedules, and coordinates the commissioning team to implement the commissioning process. It is a process of verifying that the building’s systems operate as intended and according to the owner’s requirements as set forth in project documents.

Pinerock Commissioning provides commissioning documentation coordination for the contractors, and the contractors are responsible for starting up the equipment, related start-up coordination, and to be available for all CxA reviews, testing, demonstrations and training.